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Quality is a fundamental requirement in FLUDOR




















Quality is a fundamental requirement in FLUDOR

Quality at FLUDOR is a fundamental requirement.
Maintaining top quality in the production of refired oil or cooking oil and other related product is our major goal.
With regards to customer satisfaction, FLUDOR BENIN SA has initiated since 2005, a quality standard around two strategic axes:
- Certification FLUDOR-BENIN SA to ISO 9001-2000;
- Control risk through an integrated approach using the methods of HACCP and traceability (ISO 22 000).

A-The certification FLUDOR BENIN SA with ISO 9001-2000
The first action taken within the framework for the implementation of a quality approach in the Company, was to conducting a diagnostic quality program within the company, in order to have a photograph of the quality system in place and to know its strengths and  shortcomings.
The diagnostic quality procedures as was achieved by the international firm "Performance Management Consulting, PMC" helps in the improvements of our quality system in technical, economic and human development.
It was followed by ownership of the project through staff meetings, trainings and other outreach staff.
in late 2005, the deployment of System Quality Management has actually started in FLUDOR BENIN SA by the identification and description of the processes, their implementation and monitoring by the pilot process.
The actions of improvement through process reviews and especially the management review are the privileged place in QMS. The Technical Directors and CEO of the Company are not to doubt the strength of the Quality System in progress..

B-Mastering the risk through an integrated approach
(According to the methods of HACCP and traceability (ISO 22 000).)
 FLUDOR BENIN SA conducts rigorous checks from receipt of raw materials to finished products, more than 800 parameters were-monitored on per day, an integrated HACCP traceability was established to ensure safety for consumers.
- HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points French "Risk Analysis for their Mastering in the method of identification, tracking, evaluation and Mastering potential risk of deterioration of the microbiological quality of food in the food chain in FLUDOR. For this system, FLUDOR conducting risk analysis and Mastering its critical points.
- Traceability: The  system that was place, allows FLUDOR BENIN SA, in real time to provide at any time, evidence of compliance of finished products, their components and its origin from the supplier of the raw material to the consumer.
A FLUDOR BENIN SA, traceability is the common denominator of all sources of industrial information.
Within a few months, our system of Quality Management was certified with ISO 9001-2000- .


FLUDOR BENIN S.A obtained its ISO 9001-2000 certification

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