In addition to being the largest cashew processing industry in Benin, Fludor Benin is wonderfully illustrated in the recovery of the shell of this nut. For the time being, it is the only one in Africa to produce cashew balm, which is in great demand in painting and aeronautics, an added value in productivity in Benin.

In the promotion of cash crops in particular, the cashew sector in Benin, Fludor Bénin is making wonderful efforts which now bear the name of Benin. The only company to properly valorize the cashew shell on the African continent. The company managed by Roland Riboux creates significant added value in this sector. Indeed, resin or brown liquid contained in the shell of the cashew nut with medicinal properties, the cashew balm is sometimes used for the manufacture of inks, varnish for protection against insect pests or waterproofing, insecticides or even vehicle friction elements such as brakes and clutches. Thus, cashew balm is an important capital in the paint industry in particular, for anti-rust or glossy paints said Vinod Kumar, engineer in Fludor Benin who added that the entire paint industry uses cashew balm. It is also in high demand in aeronautics because it is used as an aviation oil. By investing in the development of this precious liquid contained in the shell of the cashew nut, it is indeed the protection of the environment and the creation of added value that Fludor Benin is developing. This is at least what explains its Managing Director, Roland Riboux: “There is 20% cashew balm in the cashew hull, it is significant. Often we burn the hulls, we bury them, but it’s very bad for the soil, for air pollution. Also if you burn them, it’s a technology that is not very easy to master, “he said before indicating that Fludor would be the only one in West Africa to create this value; a real chance for Benin.

Added value, and if Benin takes advantage?

The cashew balm manufactured by Fludor Benin is entirely exported, notably to India, an indisputable partner and ally of Benin in the marketing of cashew-Beninese. Although produced in West Africa and specifically in Benin, cashew balm like the nut itself remains an export product. The sub-region therefore does not yet derive much interest, hence the urgency of thinking about supporting the company in the on-site valuation of the hulls to obtain the said balm in order to also promote, the paint sector and the on the continent. Fludor, for its part, is already making enormous efforts and if it were to be accompanied, it would impact more knowing that the production of the balm requires very great resources according to the engineer Vinod Kumar, one of the production managers. In view of the usefulness of the balm in the design of chemical fertilizers, Fludor through its extraction efforts, could be very useful in Benin in a policy of setting up a local fertilizer manufacturing plant in Benin. This would reduce import costs and all the associated hassles over time to promote agriculture and improve yields.

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