Cotonou, Sept. 06 (ABP) – The United Nations Organization for the Population (UNFPA-Benin) proceeded last Thursday in the enclosure of the cashew factory of the Fludor company in the commune of Zogbodomey, to the delivery a batch of equipment and medical consumables at the dispensary of this production unit where thousands of women and girls work.

At a total cost of 7,537,000 CFA francs, this medical equipment and consumables thus offered by the representation of UNFPA-Benin at the dispensary of the Fludor factory in Zogbomey, will allow, according to the resident representative of Unfpa in Benin, Mr. Koudaogo Ouédraogo, to ensure better functionality of this dispensary, better access for women and girls to family planning and to services for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections including AIDS.

He insisted that this donation is part of the project promoting the reproductive health of women and girls in cashew and shea plants, the general objective of which is to contribute to improving health and the well-being of women and girls who work in both sectors.

According to him, this is an objective that fits with the mission of UNFPA, which is concerned with “achieving a world where every pregnancy is desired, every birth is safe and the potential of each young person is fulfilled”.

And Mr. Roland Riboux, President and CEO of Fludor-Benin to welcome this donation from UNFPA which will, it seems, allow us to offer quality first aid fairly quickly and on site to more than 2,000 women and their children who will be in need in order to significantly reduce health complications.

“The women who work in these factories come for the majority of the villages located not far from the factory and the accessibility to the basic medical equipments which can allow their fast and adequate care to save their life is often difficult”, insisted the CEO of Fludor-Benin.

Carrying the voice of the beneficiaries, Ms. Véronique Okoumassoun expressed the gratitude of the factory workers before stressing that this gesture by the UNFPA will contribute to improving the well-being of the working women, adolescents and young people of this factory.