Privacy statement

We attach great importance to your trust and respect for your privacy. This is why we are committed to protecting your personal information in accordance with the laws in force in our country, in particular the Benin Privacy Law
This Privacy Statement describes our privacy practices, that is, all information about an identifiable individual.
The decision to provide your personal information to FLUDOR BENIN is yours. When you choose to do so or use our website, you consent to the collection, use, disclosure, retention, manipulation and processing of this information for the purposes explained below. You are requested to ensure that all information provided by you is truthful, accurate and complete.
Without having your consent to collect, use and disclose your personal information, we will be unable to provide you with information or services. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Statement on our website, please do not provide any personal information to FLUDOR BENIN.

What is my personal information collected for?
The nature and scope of the personal information that FLUDOR BENIN asks you to provide depends on the product or service you request or that interests you. Our policy is to limit the collection to only the personal information we need to administer our programs and services. FLUDOR BENIN collects and uses this information for the purposes described below.
1.  To improve your browsing experience on our website and to tailor information, content, products and services to interests and needs.
2.  To tell you about the Company’s products and services.

When you give your express consent in an online publication of FLUDOR BENIN or on a registration or subscription form, FLUDOR BENIN may use your email or postal address to send you information about her products and services, on the markets, on outlets or on other subjects and events of interest.
To this end, FLUDOR BENIN may also collect certain information from the registration or subscription forms that you complete, including your name, address, telephone or fax number and your preferred language of correspondence.

  1. To manage our relationship and facilitate interactions with you.
    4. To connect you with government and industry partners.
    5.  To process your payments and financial transactions.
    6.  To meet legal, regulatory, processing or security requirements.


  1. To prevent fraud, avoid errors and enhance security for customers.

FLUDOR BENIN can monitor all or part of its website at any time and, if necessary, take the necessary measures to put an end to any inappropriate use. In addition, FLUDOR BENIN uses software to monitor traffic to its site and to detect any unauthorized person who attempts to upload content, modify information or cause damage.

  1. To allow you to apply to FLUDOR BENIN and determine if you have the profile to make a career with the Company.
    9. To conduct market research on our customers and their interests and to assess the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns (with your permission).

How does FLUDOR BENIN S.A protect my personal information?

FLUDOR BENIN takes the protection of your personal information seriously. It has implemented security policies and practices to protect customer and user information from unauthorized access, misuse, alteration, accidental or illegal destruction and accidental loss. Fludor Benin’s security infrastructure is designed to block unauthorized access while allowing authorized communications. The Company applies security measures to protect information that is inactive and in transit, including SSL to encrypt data and make it unreadable for any unauthorized party. You are warned that FLUDOR BENIN may at any time monitor all or part of its website and, if necessary, take the necessary measures to cut short any inappropriate use.

Anxious to protect its customers, FLUDOR BENIN directs its employees to use the official messaging domain of FLUDOR BENIN ( for all professional correspondence, without exception. Any email not originating from the “@” domain could prove to be fraudulent and should therefore be treated with caution. Do not respond to emails, open attachments, or click on suspicious links from another domain (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

Even if we do everything in our power to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of computer systems or e-mail; therefore, we cannot be held responsible for unauthorized or unintentional access beyond our control. In addition, we cannot provide any guarantee or assurance that the personal information you provide will be transmitted securely or fully protected from interception, loss, misuse or alteration. FLUDOR BENIN strongly recommends that you use your judgment before transmitting sensitive personal information electronically.

Hyperlinks to third party sites are provided for convenience only and do not mean that FLUDOR BENIN approves the sites in question or that it guarantees the accuracy and reliability of the documents, content and services hosted there. These sites are independent of FLUDOR BENIN and fall completely outside of it. Therefore, before consulting them, you should review their terms of use and privacy policies, which may differ from those of FLUDOR BENIN.

FLUDOR BENIN cannot assume any responsibility or obligation with regard to damages resulting from the unsecured sending of your personal information, its interception, its loss, its misuse or its modification

Third party social media

FLUDOR BENIN uses social media as an extension of its web presence to facilitate its interactions with users. FLUDOR BENIN is active on the following social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google +. The Company’s social media accounts are public and are not hosted on its own servers. Users who use social media to interact with FLUDOR BENIN must read the user agreements and privacy policies defined by third party providers of these services as well as those which govern any application used to access it. FLUDOR BENIN does not endorse any views or comments made by users, and does not verify or validate the accuracy of any comments made by users, nor does it comply with our Terms of Use. FLUDOR BENIN employees are held to the highest standards of professionalism in their business-related social networking activities.

Personal information that you send to FLUDOR BENIN through a social media account is collected in accordance with this Privacy Statement and applicable laws. They are collected in order to keep track of the exchanges between you and FLUDOR BENIN (the questions asked and the answers received, your comments, what you liked or shared, etc.). This information may be used to respond to requests or for statistical, evaluation, or reporting purposes. Any comments contravening Beninese laws will be removed and reported to the police. Comments that go against the Terms of Use will be deleted by FLUDOR BENIN.

How can I view, update or delete my personal information?
If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Statement or how to view, update or correct your personal information in the files of FLUDOR BENIN, write to Please provide sufficient detail to enable us to locate the relevant records.
To communicate with us

Av. Mgr F. Steinmetz,

Phone: (+229)21316531

Mobile: (+229) 95903010

Changes to the Privacy Statement

FLUDOR BENIN reserves the right to modify all or part of this Privacy Statement at any time, without notice or obligation to you or anyone. If applicable, the new or modified version will be published on our website at It will cancel and replace all previous versions and will also apply to information previously provided.

Terms of use

Please read the following terms carefully, which you must agree to be able to use this site. FLUDOR BENIN reserves the right to modify the terms of use set out herein at any time. You are also invited to consult this page each time you visit this site to learn about revisions, since each visit subsequent to revisions will constitute acceptance of the revised terms.

Information and services

All information on this site is provided “as it is”, without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, without limited or implied warranty, or warranty of compliance with purposes of use or particular use and without guarantee of absence of counterfeiting. All information is subject to change without notice. Although FLUDOR makes all commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the information and services contained on this site are accurate at the time they are posted there, it cannot guarantee its accuracy, completeness, timeliness nor reliability. FLUDOR BENIN cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies, errors or omissions in the information or services in question. All information appearing on this site is for information purposes only and is not intended to provide specific advice. Therefore, they cannot be relied on as a reliable source. Thus, any action or decision should be made on the basis of professional advice and independent research.

Hyperlinks / software

Hypertext links to other websites appear only for convenience and do not mean that FLUDOR BENIN endorses the sites in question or the documents, content or services that may be found there. These websites are independent of FLUDOR BENIN and are entirely beyond its control. Before consulting them, you are invited to examine their terms of use as well as the data protection policies to which they are subject.


As the Internet is not a secure medium, it is not possible to guarantee the protection of the information which circulates there. Emails can be intercepted or lost. FLUDOR BENIN cannot be held liable for any damage you may suffer as a result of sending an email to FLUDOR BENIN or receiving an email from the latter, at your request. If you choose to use email to share information about yourself, you will know that you will do so at your own risk. For information on how FLUDOR BENIN collects or uses information that interests them, please see the FLUDOR BENIN Privacy Statement

Use of the site
In its sole discretion, FLUDOR BENIN may terminate the use of its site or refuse any person or entity permission to use the services offered there, for any reason whatsoever and without notice.
By using this site or the services and products it offers, you will be required not to:
a –  disrupt the site or the computer networks connected to it;
b –  pretending to be someone else or another entity, or making false statements about your employment, title or power;
c –  counterfeit a header or manipulate identifiers in any way to mask your identity;
d – upload, save, transmit, publish or distribute documents or data for which you do not have the necessary rights or permits;
e –  upload, save, transmit, publish or distribute documents or data containing a computer virus or other codes, files or programs intended, in one way or another, to disrupt the functioning of this site;
f – seek to access the networks or computer systems of third parties, a protected password, the parts of this site whose access is limited, or the computer systems or networks of FLUDOR BENIN;
g –  reproduce, copy, modify, sell, distribute or otherwise exploit for commercial purposes the documents, data, products and services offered on this site;
h –  violate any generally accepted law or regulation or Internet practice, or hinder the ability of any other user to use this site and benefit from the services or products provided therein;
I – counterfeit or in any way modify agreements, policies, information, reports or other documents posted on or accessible through this site.

Trademarks and copyrights

Certain names, words, titles, logotypes, graphics, concepts as well as certain sentences and icons appearing on the pages of this site may constitute trade names, registered or unregistered trademarks or service marks of FLUDOR BENIN or other legal or natural persons. The display of such trade names on this site does not mean that a license to use is automatically transferred to a third party. All rights of use are in fact reserved.

The content of this site (including documents accessible through it) is protected by copyright, is confidential and is the exclusive property of FLUDOR BENIN. You have the right to make a copy, to print and to download it downstream any part you are interested in, but only for personal purposes. You are not authorized to copy, modify, rent, lease, sell, redistribute, republish or reproduce, in part or in whole, the content of this site, no more by electronic reproduction than by download “downstream” or “Upstream”, and you are not authorized to create derivative works from this content either, without the prior consent of FLUDOR BENIN, given in writing.

Downstream uploads, retransmissions and other copies or modifications of the trademarks or content of this site may constitute an infraction of statutory law or common law and expose you to legal recourse.


The information on this website generally describes FLUDOR BENIN products and does not constitute a commitment on its part to offer them. Only the documentation provided by FLUDOR BENIN as part of a transaction gives details of the terms.

Liability limit

Neither FLUDOR BENIN, nor any of its agents, employees, administrators, directors of affiliated companies, or anyone associated with the creation of this site or its content can be held responsible for any direct or indirect, special, incidental, punitive damages. , caused to third parties or the damage, loss or expense that the use of this site or any other Internet browser could cause you or other people; this includes responsibilities for:

a-  communication line interruptions and breakdowns, in particular those disrupting the accuracy or topicality of the messages or instructions exchanged between you and FLUDOR BENIN or preventing instructions or messages from being transmitted in whole or in part or even preventing the achievement of the agreements concluded between you and FLUDOR BENIN;

b- your inability to permanently access any part of this site or the services provided there;

c- the malfunction or unavailability of this site, in whole or in part;

d- any loss or damage to your computer data or personal files, whether due to a virus, “worm”, Trojan horse, or other programs or files of an intrusive nature , disruptive or destructive;

e- interception or disclosure of confidential or sensitive information transmitted over the Internet;

f- inaccuracy, operating or transmission times, breakdowns, errors, omissions or loss of information transmitted;

g-  the lack of relevance, reliability, topicality or availability of this site or of any document or service offered on it.

Although FLUDOR BENIN makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that all the information and all the services offered on this site are free from computer viruses, it is up to you and you alone to protect yourself adequately against possible viruses , to safeguard your data, to protect your material and to take reasonable and appropriate precautions in this regard, in particular by subjecting your computer to detection of viruses and any other destructive characteristic


You agree to indemnify and indemnify FLUDOR BENIN and its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, administrators, agents and employees against any liability, claim or request, including in particular reasonable attorney fees, which could arise from third parties because of:

(i) the use you have made of this site and the information, services and products it contains;

(ii) your failure to comply with these terms of use or any other general condition related to any other agreement concerning information, services or products appearing on this site;

(iii) your failure to respect the rights of third parties.

Applicable law

These terms of use and any use or dispute regarding this site is governed by the applicable laws of Benin, and should be interpreted accordingly. By using this site, you therefore agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Benin courts in any action or any dispute relating to these terms of use or to any use relating to this site.