Quality is a fundamental requirement at FLUDOR BENIN.

State-of-the-art quality monitoring within our production site allows perfect control of our Quality Management System and our finished products.
Thus in the context of the satisfaction of our customers, FLUDOR BENIN S.A. has initiated since 2005, a quality approach around two strategic axes:
– the certification of FLUDOR-BENIN S.A. to ISO 9001-2000 standard;
– risk management through an integrated approach according to HACCP-and TRACEABILITY (ISO 22 000) methods.

FLUDOR BENIN S.A.’s certification to ISO 9001 standard

The first action carried out within the framework of the implementation of the quality approach was the realization of a quality diagnosis within the company in order to have the photograph of the quality system in place through its strong points and its shortcomings.

This quality diagnosis carried out by the international firm “Performances Management Consulting, PMC” enabled us to know the improvement actions to be brought to the quality system in our technical, economic and human context.
This step was followed by staff ownership of the project through meetings, training and other staff awareness activities.

It was towards the end of 2005 that the deployment of the Quality Management System actually started at FLUDOR BENIN S.A. with the identification and description of the processes, their implementation and their monitoring by the process pilots.
Improvement actions through process reviews and especially management reviews which are the privileged place where the entire QMS management team, the Technical Directors and the CEO of the Company doubt the strength of the Quality system in use at FLUDOR BENIN SA

FLUDOR BENIN S.A. has just entered the certification phase proper.

Risk management through an integrated approach

(according to the methods of HACCP-and TRACEABILITY (ISO 22 000).)

Although FLUDOR BENIN S.A. carries out very rigorous controls from the reception of raw materials to finished products, i.e. more than 800 self-controlled parameters per day, an integrated HACCP-TRACEABILITY approach is implemented to ensure safety for consumers.

– HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points In French “Analyze des Risques pour leur Mâtrise” is the method of identification, localization, evaluation and control of the potential risks of deterioration of the microbiological quality of foodstuffs in the FLUDOR food chain . Through this system, FLUDOR proceeds to the risk analysis and masters its critical points.

– TRACEABILITY: this system in place at FLUDOR BENIN S.A. allows, in real time, to provide at any time, proofs of the conformity of the finished products, the elements which compose them and its origin from the supplier of the raw material to consumers.

At FLUDOR BENIN S.A., traceability is the common denominator of all sources of industrial information.
In a few months, our Quality Management System will be certified to ISO 9001-2000 by the official French accrediting body. As soon as this certification is made, a new approach towards ISO 22000 would be initiated.


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Symbol and guarantee of the quality of its general organization and its finished products
FLUDOR BENIN has obtained various certifications.